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Who We Are

We are family run and operate from dedicated premises with state of the art modern equipment. We focus on producing each customer with a unique and different style of product either new, used or refurbished and upcycled to give that bespoke, one-off feel to the items we offer.

Combined with a fantastic sales support and refined customer experience we take a personal pride to each product we produce and sell. 

Andover map

What We Do

Hydrographics which can also commonly be known as Hydrodipping or Water transfer Printing is the process of applying an image to most 3 dimensional objects which can be submerged in water. We take a Huge range of products and transform them into something quite unique and bespoke. The process starts with preparation and cleaning. Each item depending on its type may then coated with an adhesion promoter before being painted with primer. The item is then sanded down smooth ready for some colour to be added with an infinite range of basecoat colours. Once the basecoat has dried its excitement time and we are ready for dipping. The item is then lowered into the water through a preselected (and activated) Hydrographic film which enables the ink of the pattern to bond onto the item. The item then moves onto a rinse tank where the residue from the Hydrographic film is rinsed off. Once rinsed and fully dry we then clean the item again and coat it with several coats of high quality UV resistant clearcoat lacquer (exactly the same as the protective covering on cars etc..). Once this is hardened we give a final cut and polish before preparing the item for shipping.

Our Products